The Nanny Rose School of Etiquette


  • Running Time: 45 minutes
  • Age Appropriateness: Ages 5+
  • Special Feature: Guests get to enjoy cookies and tea with the characters
  • Cast & Crew: 2 Performers + 1 Stage Manager
  • Cost: Call 631-654-1888 for more information

Be part of the party as elegant Nanny Rose and her witty companion, Olivia, guide children through a fun-filled demonstration of the do’s and don’ts of proper etiquette.

Along with detailed lessons in etiquette, children are also taught the art of napkin folding, how to set a dinner table and proper protocol when dining at home, a restaurant or a formal affair.

This is a unique and, at times, hilarious way to teach youngsters proper table manners. Perfect for ages 6 – 14. (Has also been known to improve the eating habits of unruly husbands, uncles and those individuals afflicted with Bad Etiqueitus.)

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