Running Scared, Running Free


  • Running Time: 60+ minutes
  • Age Appropriateness: Ages 10+
  • Enhancements: Q&A following each performance.
  • Cast & Crew: 3 Performers + 1 Stage Manager
  • Integrated with Common Core Curriculum
  • Cost: Call 631-654-1888 for more information

Running Scared, Running Free is a harrowing and inspiring story set in New York, circa 1850, the year the Fugitive Slave Act was imposed. Three separate stories are dramatically intertwined in this Award-winning suspenseful presentation written by Sal St. George.

The lives of a strong-minded runaway slave, a kindhearted conductor on the Underground Railroad and a vicious Bounty Hunter are dramatically intertwined in this Award-winning suspenseful presentation.

When the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 was implemented it enabled Plantation owners to hire professional Bounty Hunters to “retrieve their property.” The new regulations allowed these relentless trackers to cross state lines in their pursuit of the runaway.

Be part of the runaway’s harrowing journey as she find’s temporary sanctuary on the Underground Railroad while being pursued by the ruthless Bounty Hunter.

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An important historical experience that every student needs to see. Worth every penny.

Louise Jane Krol

Principal, Our Lady of Lourdes School

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