Goldie Hawn

A Sal St. George Lecture

When America was introduced to Goldie Hawn on the wacky variety show, “Laugh In”, it was love at first sight. The wide-eyed, scatter-brained, yet adorable, character she portrayed was merely the tip of this comedy Icon.

Within two years she headlined a dramatic Steven Spielberg film, won an Academy Award for Cactus Flower and formed her own production company to create the iconic role of Private Benjamin.

Join us as we explore the life and career of one of America’s most beloved motion picture stars; Goldie Hawn.

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Sal St. George has been presenting at the Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation’s day program for over five years now. The staff and participants absolutely love when he comes. His film lectures and video clips trigger the happiest of memories for our seniors with Alzheimer’s disease, and we are thankful for that. Not only does he have a wealth of knowledge, but he is kind, warm, and understanding of our client base’s needs. This is important to us.

We are so lucky to have him!

Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation

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